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We are team of talanted local software developers creating solutions for local problems

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Our vision is to build a sustainable digital business in Africa that generates enough revenue to positively impact the livelihood of its people.

Our mission is to help businesses and institutions integrate and adapt to the new digital era by digitizing their operations to better deliver their goods and services to clients.

Our Values

  • 01Simplicity

    We want our work and engagement with clients to be straighforward and easily understood.

  • We strive to ensure easy accessibility, be accommodative, listen to everyone's opinion and allow everyone to freely express themselves.

  • We strive to be a 'world-class' company that sets a new quality standard without being limited to what others think or say.

  • We strive to be honest, truthful, and reliable.

  • Our responsiveness to internal and external factors is with speed and efficiency.

  • We value providing the best possible solutions always and producing new technology.



The following is what we offer our clients.


Our SMS products allow clients to send a large number of smses, share or collect information from their users, or deliver entertainment messages either on demand or subscription.


We provide a system that allows our clients to integrate their Mpesa paybills and till numbers to enjoy more services offered by Safaricom.


USSD services allow users to interact with remote applications from their mobile phones in real time. It is a highly scalable service, it does not require an internet connection and can be used on both feature and smart phones.

Android Apps

We create applications for Android devices for clients to be able to connect with their users.

In the words of PayPal CEO

"One way to understand human progress is to look at how technology has made products and services - once reserved for the elite - progressively more accessible and affordable."

- Dan Schulman

At Nasi Africa we are defining civilization by making technology accessible and affordable for all businesses


Here are a few examples of work we have done.

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Our Team

Albertine Nginga

Chief Executive Officer

“Today you can be inactive, reactive, or proactive! Choose your "active" wisely.”

― Daren Martin

Sylvia Kamau

Chief Marketing Officer

“Everyone needs to be viewed and treated as a leader, because roles and responsibilities will always be in flux.”

― Richie Norton

Vincent Muchiri

Chief Technology Officer

"Engineering is the closest thing to magic that exists in the world."

- Elon Musk

Joram Wambugu

Head of Innovations & IOT

"Our industry does not respect tradition - it only respects innovation."

- Satya Nadella

Peter King'ori

Software Developer

"Well designed applications enhace user experience and ultimately drive technology as an equalizing force."

- Peter King'ori


  • Bulk SMS
    Rate table
    Top up amount Rate Approximate No. of smses
    Kes 100 to Kes 10,000 Kes 0.8 125 to 12500
    Kes 10,001 to Kes 50,000 Kes 0.7 14288 to 71429
    Kes 50,001 to Kes 100,000 Kes 0.6 76925 to 153846
    Kes 100,001 to Kes 500,000 Kes 0.5 181820 to 1,000,000
    Kes 500,001 and above Kes 0.4 Over 1,000,002
    Sender ID set up Fee
    Telco Set Up
    Safaricom KES 9,000
    Airtel KES 9,000
    Equitel KES 9,000
    Telcom KES 5,000
    *All prices are inclusive of VAT
  • Setup Fee
    No set up fee if no development is required
    Usage Fee
    Transaction Amount Charge
    < KES 1000 0.5% of Transaction Amount
    > KES 1000 KES 5
  • Shared USSD
    Set Up Fee Fee
    Shared Free
    Monthly Maintenance KES 6000
    Usage Fee post paid
    Top-up Amount Cost per session
    < KES 19,999 KES 1.5
    KES 20,000 - 99,999 KES 1.5
    KES 100,000 - 399,999 KES 1.25
    > KES 400,000 KES 1.25


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